Firebag Ratification Results





Firebag Ratification Results


Please be advised that the members at the Firebag – Village & Voyageur sites have voted overwhelming in favour of their second Collective Agreement.

 Highlights of the new Agreement include:

  • One (1) paid hour Union orientation by Job Steward or Union Representative.

  • Assignment of shifts by seniority within classification.

  • Employees without sufficient seniority may request to ‘sit-out` in lieu of a lay-off.

  • 24 hour notice of change in shift – minimum 12 hour notice.

  • Paid meal breaks

  • If not clear eight (8) hours of rest between shifts the next shift shall be paid with a .5 premium.

  • Premium time (weekend and stat holidays) to be distributed based on seniority within classification.

  • In the event of lay off “bumping” will be allowed to any lower classification the Member was last dispatched to. (not applicable during Christmas Recall period of December 1st to January 31st each year).

  • Vacation requests by seniority and entitled to three (3) weeks annually.

  • Leave of Absence not to exceed four (4) months.

  • Leave of Absence – Union courses/conventions and if appointed or elected to an Executive position in the Union.

  • Bereavement Leave – reimbursement of Red Arrow bus to/from Edmonton and additional unpaid leave requests that will not be unreasonably denied.

  • NEW: Effective the month following ratification – Introduced contribution to the UNITE HERE Local 47 Community Fund of ten cents ($0.10)/hour.

  • Increased contribution to Building Trades of Alberta – six cents ($0.06)/hour.

  • Non-slip shoe allowance language (as per Grievance resolution).

  • Laundering of uniforms to be done by the Employer. Minimum of 4 uniforms.

  • CA Workload: Tool Box credit, new duties to be reviewed with the Union, credit for travel to/from work sites, CA/Cleaner Premium of one dollar ($1.00)/hour.

  • Parties agree to meet from time to time to review Not For Rehires.

  • Travel subsidy: $150/month – date of ratification.  If no flights provided $250/month

  • Wage increases (Retroactive for those employed at the date of ratification):

    • Retroactive to July 1, 2012 One Dollar ($1.00)/hour.

    • 3% – July 1, 2013

    • 5% – July 1, 2014

    • 3% – July 1, 2015


THANK YOU to Cyril, Gerry and Linda for their valued assistance on the Bargaining Committee.

CONGRATULATIONS to the members at Firebag!