Creeburn Lake Lodge Ratification Results



Creenburn Lake Lodge 

Ratification Results


Please be advised that the members at Creeburn have ratified the Mediator’s recommended settlement.

 The new agreement includes:

  • Updated language throughout the Collective Agreement.

  • Up to one (1) paid hour Union orientation.

  • Assignment of shifts by seniority within classification.

  • Employees without sufficient seniority may request to ‘sit-out` in lieu of lay-off.

  • Must have eight (8) hours of rest between shifts.

  • CA performing Deep Cleaning duties premium increased from $.25 to $.50/hour.

  • Premium time (weekend and stat holidays) to be distributed based on seniority within classification.

  • Janitor/Utilities and CA’s who are qualified in the other classification may be temporarily assigned to work in either classification on a case-by-case basis based on their qualifications and with the approval of the Ranking Officer of the Union. Hours worked in a higher paid classification will be paid that rate.

  • Vacation requests by seniority and expected to take three (3) weeks annually.

  • Health and Pension Plan language in event Employer does not remit properly.

  • Bereavement Leave – addition of Step-children, Step-parents and additional consecutive days of unpaid leave may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

  • Shoe Allowance – existing employees $65 on the 2nd payroll after ratification and each year on 1st payroll after August 1st. New employees will receive $65 after sixty calendar days and annually on 1st payroll after August 1st

  • Workload

    • 46/23 rooms/washrooms

    • 33 management and disabled person rooms

    • Janitor/Utility will do Hallways and Laundry Rooms

    • Credit of two rooms for the third and subsequent bunkhouse entered

    • Tool box of 10 minutes and anything over that results in room credits

    • Prior to new work assignments being introduced it will be reviewed with the Ranking Officer of the Union.

  • Transportation allowance increase to – $300 Aug 1, 2014, $320 Aug 1, 2015.

  • Wage increases (retroactive for those employed at date of ratification)

3% – Aug 1, 2013, 3% – Aug 1, 2014 and 3% – Aug 1, 2015.

 CONGRATULATIONS to the members at Creeburn and thank you to Brother Sam Asfour for his dedication and hard work.